About Us

Tercume.az provides translation services since 2009. We understand the importance of the orders for customers, and that’s why we translate responsibly. Whether we collaborate with a giant or a small company, we have a goal: we should deliver correct, precise and good work.

Tercume.az stays loyal to the values mentioned below in all activities as a team:

Quality – is an integral part of our lives for the company and personal development. We consider it as the most significant merit for our organization. Our customers define how high is our quality. “100% correct” and “timely delivery” is a part of quality concept in our services.

Fairness – We recognize it as our primary duty rather than an added value, and stay away from any negative action that will affect our customers. We keep our promises to our customers.

Speed – Tercume.az is aware that speed in the documentation is of importance. That’s why Tercume.az has a strong structure for the delivery of work anytime without losing quality, under the requirements of the Customer.

Saving – Tercume.az is aware of that the most precise income comes through savings and applies this to its activities as well as makes cost-saving proposals to its customers.

Responsibility – Tercume.az and its staff understand the importance of every order received from the customer and fulfill its duties responsibly.

Accuracy –  Tercume.az and its employees protect accuracy in the terminology and translate terms accurately and precisely according to the original.

Confidentiality – written and digital documents of all kinds bearing material and moral value for you will be kept confidential not only from the beginning to the end of the translation process but also later by our employees. All employees of our organization sign an agreement Privacy and Confidentiality.