Are you looking for unlimited internet, coffee, tablet, Facebook and even work without leaving home? If your higher education and skills match, then a freelance translator is a job meeting your demands.
Vacancies regularly exist, as professional translators/interpreters are always needed. Dozens of resumes come to our Translation Center daily. We include them into our database, review, if necessary, communicate with the applicants and check their knowledge and skills.
If the style and accuracy of your resume differ from those of the resumes of other applicants it is a plus for you. In addition to designing your resume nicely, you must also be confident in your abilities of professional translation, editing and proofreading. You are a linguist and your resume is the first document you submit when communicating with us. It is just your resume forming the preliminary view about your abilities. If you are not able to correctly compose your resume, then what success can be expected from you?
We reject resumes not specifying language pairs. If your resume has a too long introduction, it is not read and the data is viewed on general terms. Important data for us are the foreign language you speak, your work experience and the CAT program you can use.
How to make a resume correctly, what should be its volume?
A resume should include no more than 500 words. If you are an experienced translator/interpreter, then the primary school you completed is not interesting to us. The volume of 2 to 2.5 pages is sufficient. However, we should note that the existence of several resumes is inevitable depending on vacancies.
It is not surprising that experience is considered a factor that is given importance. Thanks to the long-term experience, the time for thinking over a word, sentence, or page gets shorter, less mistakes are made from day to day, the scope of the spheres of translation is expanding with each new translation, in a word, your professional level is growing.
And if you have no experience and you have not even graduated from high school, still do not give up. Use the opportunities created specifically for you in time and invest your valuable time in your career to gain experience.
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