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Other Services of Tercume.az


Editing is the correction of language and stylistic defects in any text, check of any text, and its final check and preparation for printing. Editors check any texts in order to improve their consistencies and overall quality. The editors have the right to delete entire sentences and rewrite entire paragraphs. A good editor corrects all the errors noticed, but the main goal is to make the document clear, eliminate unnecessary use of words, and clarify any misunderstandings.
Using our editing services you can be sure of the complete polishing of the language of your text and its preparation for printing at an affordable price.
Using our services, you will witness that we correct grammatical and spelling errors, inappropriately used words, mixed sentences, and strive for the effectiveness of the words you used. To ensure complete clarity of your text, we re-write sentences and paragraphs.
Our main goal is to keep your writing style in the text. If necessary, we carry out a general review of your text and give you recommendations.


Proofreading is a check of the final state of the edited text to correct any possible errors. The proofreading person reviews any text in order to correct any possible errors in letters, punctuation marks, and writing.
To correct an important document, you try to find an experienced freelancer who can see the smallest grammatical errors not noticed by others. If you are not sure of your letter, or English (or other foreign language) is not your native language, the proofreading may help you.
Although it is possible to do proofreading on a computer, it is often done on printed pages or on the PDF form.


When doing any translations, particularly large-volume translations, the sustainable use of correct terms and concepts is an important component of a high quality translation. Before proceeding with the translation of a project, our project manager compiles a glossary of terms used in your material or, if there is a special glossary provided by you, clarifies the importance of referring to it. To ensure the stability and accuracy of translations, terms and special concepts should be translated in the same way. If there is a ready translated text and the specified rule has not been observed, we will try to help you with our unification services.

Typing of Texts

Nowadays, the preparation of an electronic version of any handwritten text means making that text more accessible, bringing it to a wide readership, and including it in the lists of search results on the Internet. We offer you high-quality typing services covering various business areas. The services we provide are designed to assist you in resolving any problem related to typing. If you have manuscripts or hand-written documents of large volume, then we can assist you in preparing their electronic version.
Our typing professionals will act by consulting with you for every detail, or incomprehensible parts of the hand-written texts that can help them. Our professionals providing typing services are specialized in the preparation of electronic versions of hand-written texts, ancient manuscripts, and printed documents.