Written Translation

The services we provide cover various and numerous areas. We cooperate not only with translators/interpreters specializing in one sphere, but with professional translators/interpreters in various spheres.
In the Tercume.az, all documents are translated by professional translators, i.e. we do not use computer-aided (machine) translation. Professional translation services are rendered by experienced expert translators with higher education. Translation of each text is assigned to a translator specializing in the relevant field.

Our professional team of translators offers our clients professional translation services in every sphere. Translations cover various areas:


Our expert translators in relevant spheres translate business, banking, financial, tender documentation, proposals, applications, contracts, projects, reports, studies for foreign companies, any official and unofficial business correspondence and etc. in a professional manner.
Nowadays, with the spread of globalization, even in countries with a closed economy, translation/interpreting and localization services have reached an unprecedented level with an annual income of 10 million USD. This trend is good news not only for employees of the financial sector, such as accountants, financial controllers, financial inspectors, but also for translators specializing in this field. Along with this, it is not easy to find people with the skills to translate financial records. Finance is a highly specialized field and requires special talent and skills to carry out its activities properly.
Financial records
Multinational companies operate around the world, which requires drafting of business plans, sales forecasts, various forms of reports and studies for submission to local managers, as well as ‘key managers’ out of the offices. Accounting work in each country is different and translators have a heavy load. They should have a necessary understanding of the topic and skills to correctly and accurately translate documentation for users.

Website translations

Searches on the Internet in English are a big advantage, as it allows to get more results. Almost everyone reads online in English. So, this question arises: maybe you should translate your blog or website into English or any other foreign language? You may not want this because of extra costs. But just think that the more people read your site, the more opportunities you will get. So, it would be easier for you to achieve your goals.

Translation of Scientific Texts

Scientific texts are often written for professionals around the world and include important research findings. When writing such texts, the scientific language that includes terms specific to this sphere is used. Universities, colleges and research institutes trust translators who accurately translate such texts. After the publication, scientific papers are read for many years, and also are used by other researchers and research institutes in the future. Hence, scientific translators bear significant responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of such texts. It is impossible to imagine the sphere of science without translation. This sphere, which requires a high level of specialists, needs to use the services of only highly qualified and experienced translators. Many qualified expert translators get extra specialization in the sphere of science. Our experienced, highly qualified expert translators will be happy to assist you in this sphere.

Translations in the sphere of Aviation

Aviation is by nature an international business, so there are many opportunities for translation in this area. For this industry, English is considered an international language, and most translations are made in this direction. In general, aeronautics and aviation are special branches with standard terminology. Understanding of knowledge about aeronautics and basic operations of aeronautics is necessary, since this knowledge can be associated with the structure of aircrafts and their operation, or the actions of pilots and flight personnel. Your interest in this industry can help you in this matter. Fortunately, a lot of people show interest in this industry and these fans post data on the Internet. When translating, you can use this data as a source of terminology. Today a special team of translators in the sphere of aviation has been assembled in the Tercume.az . Just tell us the languages you need, and trust us in everything else. We guarantee that our translation team will constantly interact with the clients to ensure accurate and precise translation.

Translation Services in the Sphere of Oil&Gas

Owing to the emergence of new technologies, the oil and gas industry is developing worldwide. The oil and gas industry today is a sphere in demand all over the world. This rapidly growing industry unites international trade, as well as correspondence between different countries. The growing interconnections between different countries in this sphere have caused a need for translation services in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry is one of the technical industries. When ordering translation of texts for this industry, you also want the translators to have understanding of the terminology in the sphere. We translate texts of the oil and gas industry into various languages according to your time and budget. Together with a professional team and experienced translators/interpreters, we will help you achieve your goals. Our highly qualified translators are not only linguists, but also experienced specialists who have worked in the oil and gas industry.

Techincal Translations

Technical translations include service instructions of any equipment, apparatus and devices, technical bid documentation of various organizations, documents related to construction, engineering, petrochemical works. Translation of technical texts and documents should be entrusted to specialists.
Technical documentation is important for the documentation of enterprises. An incorrect translation or an error in the name of any machine or simple cables, or a small error in the structure of a sentence can lead to machine failure, system malfunction, damage to equipment and more drastic consequences. An error in the translation of any text, any inaccuracy in the translation of safety instructions or basic instructions can lead to unpredictable consequences for technicians working with high-voltage electrical systems. When translating in the technical field, translators, along with the knowledge of the original language and the target language at a high level, should have a deep knowledge of the topic and relevant terminology. We have gathered a proven team of expert translators, specialists in the technical and engineering fields. We translate materials of any format. Most technical documentation is written in MS Word format. If your technical paper has pictures and graphics, we can translate the headings.
Terminology of Technical Sphere
The sustainable use of proper terms is an important component of high-level technical translation. Before starting the translation of a project, our project manager compiles a glossary of terms used in your material. To ensure sustainability and accuracy, technical terms are translated in advance into other languages.

Translation of Insurance Documentations

Insurance documentation is of great importance both for the persons receiving them and the companies issuing this documentation. Translation of insurance documentation into other languages requires special skills, the availability of sufficient knowledge in the sphere of insurance. Tercume.az cooperates with many experienced and qualified translators. Among them, there are professional translators who translate insurance documentation. So you can at any time contact us for translation of insurance documentation.

Political Translation Services

Currently, there are international political relations between various countries. Governments make decisions that affect their countries and peoples, as well as the global community. Countries sign contracts and agreements. Language is considered a major obstacle to the transmission of information and the implementation of policies, whereas political translation services come to your aid.
Politics has always been considered a sensitive area and therefore political translation services should be rendered only by specialized translators/interpreters. Translators working in the political sphere must have a perfect command of both the original language and the target language of translation. The translators/interpreters must have the necessary knowledge in the political sphere, and about the current political situation in various countries.

Medical Translations

Medical translation is a service that requires sufficient knowledge and experience in this sphere. Medical translation includes translations of scientific papers, prescriptions for the use of drugs, technical formulas, and inscriptions on the packages of drugs in a language understandable to users.

Book & Catalogue Translation

We provide translation services into various languages of books, magazines, catalogues, and brochures of any topic. In addition, we provide translation services for Internet portals into various languages. The translated site is translated directly into the code part, and no need arises for knowledge of a foreign language for the company, or for the person who developed the site.

Legal Translations

Legal translations are rendered by expert translators who are familiar with the terms in this sphere. Legal translations include court rulings, patents, formal titles, signature lists, powers of attorney, declarations, legal correspondence and etc. Many companies need legal translation of multilingual contracts, questionnaires, proposals and etc. This may seem common to many, but the significance of legal translations should be recognized. The key step is the recognition of the complexity of legal translations and the option of their translation only by professionals. Companies may not make mistakes, as even the slightest mistake can cause great damage to the companies during a lawsuit and legal investigation.